August Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

This month we’ve got picks that’ll remind you of exquisite local Mediterranean flavors! Umbriacone is a delicious cow’s cheese that’s nutty and winey in flavor, this cheese is also a feast for the eyes that will add stunning color to your cheeseboard. The Pamplona chorizo is packed full of flavor that will excite your tastebuds, enjoy it by itself, with cheese, or throw into an omelet for extra oomph!


Umbriacone Cow

Veneto, Italy

An affectionate term in Italian for the “great big drunk.” A delicious cow’s milk cheese bathed in a mixture of local Clinton and Raboso wine, it is then pierced like a gorgonzola to let the aroma and flavor of the wine permeate the cheese to a new degree. It is sharp and fruity on the nose.  The pliable paste with a slight crumble is not only visually stunning, with its purple-hued striations, but it also contains a nutty flavor that is quickly followed by a bright winey finish. The cheese is covered with grape leaves to cover the holes of the piercing so that mold will not grow in the holes.

Chorizo Pamplona

La Espanola Meats,Harbor City, CA

The Pamplona variety grinds the meat further. A product of incomparable flavour & aroma obtained from a careful and natural process of elaboration. Pamplona resembles a good quality salami. A superb strong flavor of smoked imported Spanish paprika. Made right here in Los Angeles!

Be sure to enjoy with your warm, crisp Barsha Baguette!

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