Barsha’s Beer (R)evolution

As Barsha’s stature in the South Bay grows as the place to go for a delicious and idiosyncratic selection of wine, cheese, charcuterie, and of course Lenora’s to-die-for salads and bruschetta, we want to give our love to our beers as well!

When Barsha began nearly two years ago, we had no tap in the tasting room and our beer fridge was admitedly modest. But after a (tasty!) exploration of what the ever-burgeoning craft beer world had to offer–including our impressive South Bay brews–we came to expand our fridge to what you see today.


Cans, 4 packs, 6 packs, bombers, singles and even a build-your-own 4/6 pack!

We pride ourselves in our selection that has all the popular styles but also plenty of out-of-the box favorites of ours that you won’t find just anywhere.  We regularly get rare, limited production beers like this new “Enjoy by” Stone release. This big, hoppy IPA isn’t brewed to last, but intended to be enjoyed fresh by July 4th.


We also like these fantastic beers from underrepresented beer producing countries like Italy and Japan.


These Italians are each incredibly distinctive takes on popular styles (l to r) Amber, Stout, Blonde, Lager, and Amber

The Mastri Birrai Umbri are a unique series of brews with daringly original ingredients like lentils(!) in the stout.  Don’t let their unusual character scare you, however.  These are beautifully balanced beers. The Birra Moretti is one of the most popular lagers in Italy, a great expression of the style. The Imper Ale is a sneaky, subtlely shifting beer.  Seemingly at rest but always at play the brewers here use their caramelly malt to great effect.

Kiuchi Brewery in Japan makes some of the most celebrated beer in the world

Kiuchi Brewery in Japan makes some of the most celebrated beer in the world

The Hitachino Nest White Ale on the left is one of the highest rated beers of its style with beautiful notes of citrus and coriander flavors. Not outrageously spicey or over alcoholic, it’s a home run.  The Red Rice Ale on the right is a beer not based in barley or wheat but in rice! In fact, the brewers at Kiuchi Brewery took all the ingredients that normally produce saki and made a beer instead.  The result is a gentle but complex amber-meets-belgian ale with a refreshing caramel and doughy finish.

And finally, let’s not forget our constantly rotating beers on tap in the tasting room.  You can also now buy beers by the growler for your home drinking pleasure.


Barsha beers, we salute you!

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