Beers on Tap


  1.  Allagash Saison  (Portland, Maine) 6.1% ABV   $7 (12 oz)

Notes of spice and tropical fruit accent the aroma. Citrus and peppery spice are balanced by a pleasant malt character. Saison is full bodied with a rustic, dry finish.


  1. Chronic Amber Ale by Pizza Port (CA) 4.9% ABV  $7 (12 oz)

Historically brewed with hemp seeds. This mellow amber ale w/notes of caramel, toast & earth.


  1. Dark Seas Imperial Stout by Mission Brewery (CA) 9.8% ABV $8 (8oz)

Russian Imperial style, Mission brings you their dastardly dark version, with a rich and roasty aroma, notes of plum and port and a velvety texture so luscious it just might make a grown man weep.


  1. “101” Blonde Ale by Figueroa Mt.  (Santa Ynez, CA) 4.8% ABV $7 (12 oz)

This crisp, clean ale has a light body and refreshing taste. Notes of fruit, honey & fresh grain

  1. Tall, Dank & Handsome IPA By Scholb Co. (CA) 6.8% ABV $7 (12 oz)

Tropical fruit, citrus, earthy pine, stone fruit, and herbal notes are all a part of the mix.  Won Silver at the San Diego International Beer Festival for IPA’s!.


  1. Mic Czech Pilsner by Boomtown (Los Angeles, CA) 5.6% ABV $7 (12 oz)

The classic Pilsner styles of The Czech Republic and of northern Germany are blended in Boomtown’s version of Pilsner lager to accentuate the best of both worlds. Round, malty, clean & dry.