Blind Date Basket ❤ & Sherry Heaven!

Blind Date Basket! 


Hey ladies & gentlemen! Our Date Night Basket is ready to swoop up & do the tango with! One date has yummy fruit flavors & loves horseback riding in the Santa Monica mountains & the other is a beauty from Italy w/ brown butter & honey notes that loves to chill w/ a good Netflix find!

Get your blind date on or give it to a friend in need!!!:)

Crazy bout’ Sherry!


Check out our great Sherry selection! Did you know that Sherry is a fortified wine made from white grapes grown near Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain? After fermentation, the base wine is fortified w/ grape spirit, thus increasing its alcohol content. Therefore it serves a great aperitif! 

“Sherry’s magnificence comes from the fact that, like Champagne, true Sherry can only be made in one tiny corner of the world. Many imitators have tried to replicate the salty, nutty, and aromatic profile of Sherry throughout history, but the unique winds, humidity, soil and seasonal changes in Andalucía give a singular character to the wines produced there.”

Read more about Sherry!


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