Doordash Delivery, Featured Grappa!, & Barsha’s Giving Box!

Doordash Delivery!



Stonecroft Hawk’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is now on DoorDash!
Nose of elderflower, melon, & apple. Flavors of gooseberry, grapefruit & tropical fruits!
Pair w/ ceviche, shrimp, fish tacos, fish & chips, citrus salad, goatcheese, even sushi!
Check out this interesting article by Wine Folly about Sauvignon Blanc

Featured Grappa!

First question…20160720_143338

What exactly is Grappa? Well, grappa is distilled brandy from the fermented residue of grapes after they have been pressed in winemaking. 

What makes Marolo Grappa extraordinary?

Paolo Marolo (grappa maker) is regarded as one of the best Grappa producers in the world. He is credited for being a leading innovator in Alba and chooses to work with a bain-marie discontinuous still. This alembic distills very small quantities much more slowly, but creates a Grappa that is more pure, complex in aromas & texture.

Grappa Moscoto has a vibrant aroma with pronounced flowery and fruity notes of orange, rose, sage and coriander. Made with Moscato grapes from the Piedmontese areas of Langhe and Asti, this extraordinarily fragrant grappa can be enjoyed straight out of the freezer or on vanilla ice cream.

Grappa Brunello is of outstanding purity, this product exhibits the most quintessential grappa characteristics of the entire collection. Aromas and flavors include peach and apple, as well as a touch of minerality.”

Give 2 The “Giving Box”!


Thank-you to all of those that have donated!
We have partnered up w/ Community’s Child to be a donation hub for their great cause.
Community’s Child is a local program committed to providing homeless women with infants healthy alternatives to abuse, poverty, addictions, and hopelessness. The program offers homeless women and their infants a safe, compassionate, yet structured living environments. At Community’s Child , women acquire the education, skills training, employment opportunities and support services, necessary to break the patterns associated with homelessness.
A little goes a long way…

Learn more about Communy’s Child!




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