Kale Salad Back!!! , Stacey’s Pick of the Week! , & Mediterranean Summer Wine Club!!!

Summer in the Mediterranean Wine Club!


Hi Barsha wine lovers! We hope you all are enjoying your summer so far! Whether you’re in the South bay or off with the family somewhere amazing, we got you covered with our Mediterranean picks! The whites are crisp and refreshing, like taking a deep breath on the coastal cliffs of Southern Europe. The reds are beautifully structured with bright personality, reflective of the regions they are produced. 

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Stacey’s Pick of the Week!


Check out Stacey’s pick of the week…

The Flower & the Bee 2013

Souson is a fascinating red grape that’s indigenous to Ribeiro in Galicia, Spain. Great minerality w/ notes of cherry, plum, crushed blackberry, elderflower, mocha, & spice!

Stacey would pair this w/ Spanish tapas & a nice piece of juicy steak! 

Personality in a bottle! Only 17.99



Guess Whats Back???


Our Kale salad w/ Fuji apples, grapes, chunks of blue cheese, toasted almonds, golden raisins, bread crisps, yogurt vin, & pomegranate molasses!  

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