Barsha Munchies!


Dips & Bread  

Each $6 / Taste of all 5 $12

Fig Tapenade / Arugula Pistachio Pesto / Hummus / Tunisian Harissa / Tunisian Olives 

Tunisian Spiced Almonds  3oz-$5


3 for $15   5 for $20    (served with mustarda, cornichons, Meditteranean olives, spiced nuts, crisps)

Toscano Salami (Olli) – Salami with fennel seed & Sangiovese wine. (CA)    

San Daniele Black Label Prosciutto- Black label is revered for it’s slightly sweet notes & smooth buttery texture. (Italy)

Chorizo Rioja Salami (Olmpia Provisions)- Salami with a kick! Cured with oregano, spice & garlic.  (OR)

Bresoala (Bernina)- Dry cured grass fed beef, rich and lean. (Uruguay)

Rosemary Ham (Principe)- Lean slow roasted ham infused with rosemary. (CA)

Duck Rillettes (Fabriques Delices)-Duck fat & meat cooked confit style. Very decadent! (CA)

Nola Salami (Olmpia Provisions)- Coarse ground salami w/black pepper & allspice (OR)



3 for $15  5 for $20   (served with jam, dried fruit, spiced nuts, grapes, crisps)

Camembert (Fermier) – Soft, supple, earthy, and creamy (Cow, France)

Manchego – Special aged (18 months), semi-firm, tangy (Sheep, Spain)

Cashel Blue (Kerrygold) – Full flavored, tangy, creamy farmhouse cheese from grass fed cows (Cow, Ireland)

Noord Gouda – Extra aged, nutty and tangy with salt crystals (Cow, Holland)

Truffle Pecorino Cascio (If Forteto) – Amazing pecorino with black truffle, Tasting room favorite  (Goat, Italy)

Widmer 4 Year Aged Cheddar- Wonderfully sharp & creamy!  (Cow, WI)

Purple Haze (Cypress Grove) – Goat with fennel & lavender (NY)


Tunisian spiced edamame 8

Butter Lettuce Salad- Butter lettuce, snow peas, orange segments, pickled grapes, goat cheese, pepitas, cilantro, balsamic vin 11

Kale Salad- Fuji apple, bleu cheese, raisins, grapes, toasted almonds, croutons, yogurt dressing 11

Bruschetta- Buratta, arugula, Granny Smith apple, speck bits, truffle honey  11

Sweet Guilts

Jeni’s Ice Creams!– 3 for $7/ 1 for $3

Key Lime/Whiskey & Pecans/Goat Cheese w/Cherries/ Brambleberry Crisp/Orange Blossom/Super Moon/Juniper & Lemon Curd/Brown Butter Almond Brittle/Intelligentsia Espresso/Salty Caramel