New Summer Chopped Salad , Crazy 4 Barolo & Door Dash Pick of Week!

Door Dash Pick!


Did you know?

“The name merlot comes from “merle”, which is the French name for blackbird (a reference to the grape’s dark, near-black color.)”

Read more about Merlot!

Chasewater Merlot 2013, Lake County

 is a fantastic merlot!

 Black plums, cherries and wild berries dominate this rich, full-bodied Merlot. A brawny wine with great complexity and a lengthy, dry finish. 

Pair w/ 

Beef, veal, chicken, turkey, or pork dishes!

Tomato or mushroom based dishes. 

Anything braised!

Aged Cheddar or Blue Cheese!


Read about Chacewater’s family owned winery!

Crazy 4 Barolo!


Into your Italian vino? Check out our great selection of Barolo! 

“Barolo has been called the “king of wines,” and the “wine of kings.” It is one of the world’s best wines and is made from only the very best Nebbiolo grapes, grown near the town of Alba in Italy’s Piedmont. Barolo, a robust red, is full bodied and very dry. It’s high in acidity, alcohol and tannin. The aroma is similar to ripe strawberries, tar, roses, violets and truffles. It is a chewy wine.”

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New Salad!

Introducing Barsha’s

Summer Chopped Salad!

Chopped romaine, roasted corn, tunisian chickpeas, baby tomatoes, kalamata olive, mozzarella, & pepitas tossed in our balsamic thyme vin! 

Enjoy summer on a plate!

Get your salad fix in our WineBar! Also available to-go in our Retail!


Treat yourself after a long week…
Back in stock!

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