November Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

Hooray for the upcoming holidays! We brought you a deliciously addicting mountain cheese that’s still being made by monks in the Pyrenees mountains of France and a wonderful Fra Mani Pistachio salami made right here in California using Italian traditions. Both are incredible on your Barsha baguette!


Abbeye de Belloc, Raw sheep’s milk

Pyrenees, France

Abbaye de Bel’loc is still made in the traditional manner by Benedictine Monks at the abbey of Notre-Dame de Belloc. Abbaye de Belloc has a true Basque character, and it is believed that many centuries ago the monks from the Belloc Monastery first taught the Basque shepherds how to make cheese. 

Firm, dense, rich and creamy texture. The taste resembles burnt caramel and there is a distinctive lanolin aroma. Ageing process of the cheese ranges from four to ten months. Addictive!

Fra Mani Rosa Salami

Berkeley, CA

Salame Rosa is a salame cotto (cooked salame) with origins in the city of Bologna, Italy. Made from prime cuts from the shoulder, coarsely chopped to create a distinctive mosaic face and speckled with small cubes of plate fat cut from high on the hog. Dry roasted with a hint of natural fruitwood smoke. Mildly seasoned with coriander, white pepper and mace, and studded with pistachio nuts.

Be sure to enjoy with your warm, crisp Barsha Baguette!

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