Stings “Message in a Bottle” & Japanese Whiskey arrived!

Wine of the Week!

Guess where th20160621_132805is fantastic wine is made? On Stings vineyard in Tuscany!!! 

Notes of berries, spice hazelnuts, oak & touch of SOS!

91 pts. Suckling

And he does sing to the wine… When you drink it, you’ll taste it!…/10/stings-message-in-a-bottle




By the way, we had the lovely opportunity to meet him this past week at the Hollywood Bowl! 



Amazing Japanese Whiskey is in!



Fukano, Japan

This single cast whiskey is made from 100% malted rice. 
Nose of toffee, vanilla, toasted bread, spice, coconut and dried fruit. Palate of bourbon, vanilla, fruit, toasted grain, cinnamon, nuts and a touch of wood. Long finish of banana, caramel, coconut, wood and a bit of earth. Medium body w/ silky texture. 

“If you have an adventurous palate and you’re into alternative grain whiskeys this rice-based Fukano Whisky might hit the spot for you. It works well as a compliment to your usual bourbon and/or scotch routine and has notes to it that I think Scotch drinkers would appreciate and bourbon drinkers be drawn to.” 

Ohishi, Japan

Ohishi Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky is a limited Japanese whisky distilled from malted and unmalted rice and is fermented with the groundwater of the Kuma River in Hitoyoshi, Japan. Dried fruit, oak, honey and toffee fill the palate with a creamy texture!

Learn more about Japanese Whiskey!



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